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HHO Generator

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Hydrogen Cold Crack System  (HCCS)

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Better thinks everything yet done other people, than on thinks everything other people have done ( Joko Priyono ).



     Water is the source of life. Water is a gift of God Almighty as one compound numbers are very abundant life. Water synonymous with living creatures, without water, life would not exist, because water is the source of energy for living organisms boundless, unlike the case with oil and gas, which until recently considered to be the belle of the energy source is not replaceable. Exploitation of natural resources are limited it is increasingly depleted, not to mention the impact of waste generated. Monopoly power of the developed countries to the developing countries rich in natural resources is to be one of unrest that swept the various aspects of human life today. The impact of these events affect economic shocks, and various other social upheavals.

     As a result of burning fossil fuels in vehicle engines and environmentally friendly industry that resulted in global warming is increasing from year to year. The occurrence of a significant increase in temperature causes a warming of ocean waters can produce various kinds of toxic gases, can certainly imagine if the air we breathe every moment this is not healthy anymore, plus the increasing tide of sea water is also due to the melting of icebergs in the North Pole .  

     Human dream to find a replacement for petroleum energy is limited in nature has long been a dream that seemed unanswerable. With the passage of time, at the beginning of the 18th century, science has provided a breath of fresh air in a secret harness water energy to help propel propulsion machinery and industrial. Water content of the secret energy will increasingly open to us empower and maximize. Various theories were originally to be the dream little by little the world has unmasked solution by using water (H2O) as an environmentally friendly fuel, is expected to answer all questions regarding Global Warming.  

     Water than can easily and cost of substitute energy utilization will be much cheaper than the energy source that has long been used. The problem is to make the most element - element in a compound (H2O) is completely a step further to consider. One of them is by breaking down the chemical chain WATER (H2O) back into hydrogen gas (H) and oxygen (O) which we call the HHO technology.

Element - the element we are back and use appropriately in a chain of subsequent energy (combustion).



HHO Generator (electrolyser) is a water fuel generator tool that is an alternative fuel saver  which outlines the functions of water (H2O) into 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom that became known as HHO gas or Oxy-Hydrogen. With the way that water electrolysis HHO gas generated can be utilized for various purposes such as: savings on gasoline and diesel engines  vehicles both land and sea (marine engine), electric generator (genset) etc. With the following advantages:

  1. Conserve fuel consumption ranging from 30% to 80%.
  2. The more powerful engine
  3. Increase Torque and Acceleration
  4. Eliminate Knocking / Detonation
  5. Very friendly environment
  6. Combustion chamber cleaner engine of crust Carbon.
  7. Non toxic gases, Carbon Monoxide  (CO) = 0.00% Proven results in the emission test on Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Suzuki APV,
  8. Make ageless machine
  9. Restore the original performance
  10. Vibration machine smoother
  11. Change the engine oil longer
  12. The engine temperature is lower
  13. It is safe to use
  14. Care is very easy
  15. Warranty: 1 year
  16. Provide spare parts (spare parts) at a more affordable price


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