Toyota Fortuner 2.4D 2015 TRD Sportivo


By using an HHO Generator the water (H2O) is decomposed into 2 Hydrogen gas atoms and 1 Oxygen gas atom which is then referred to as HHO Gas or Oxy-Hydrogen Gas.

Octane Hydrogen gas is very high that is> 130

So with the mixing of Hydrogen gas with air that flowed through the air filter and sucked into the combustion chamber will increase the fuel quality.

Increased fuel quality is what causes the engine power increased so that the engine work is lighter, the engine temperature is stable, vibration and sound engine more smooth, the pull of gas more responsive and more efficient fuel.

Oxygen gas (O2) serves to improve the internal combustion engine.

The engine desperately needs extra Oxygen gas because air contains only about 20% Oxygen and almost 80% is Nitrogen.

This is what distinguishes between a fuel saver that uses HHO gas with another, because by using HHO gas it will clean the Carbon crust from the engine (Cleaning Engine) to the exhaust.

So do not be surprised if at any given moment the exhaust will release water, black smoke and dirt.

With the cleanliness of the engine from the carbon crust the engine oil changes longer and makes the engine life more durable.

With the addition of Oxygen gas derived from HHO gas, it can also make all fuel that has been ignited in the combustion chamber will burn out, so it can reduce the smell of exhaust, even odorless and very comfortable in breathing and increase vehicle mileage.