HHO Generator "Joko Energy" Fuel efficient & environmentally friendly

A. User Experience :

  The use of water fuel technology plant that produces Hydrogen and Oxygen gas and mixed in the combustion process in vehicle engines called Hybrid Water. This fuel typically uses a system of Hod (Hydrogen On Demand) which is producing Hydrogen gas as needed and used directly without going through the first storage .

   Given this mixture of vehicle engines have an extra (double power) derived from Hydrogen gas, so no wonder when a new step on the gas pedal just a little, the vehicle was moving like there was a push from behind. The Oxygen serves as falsifies the combustion within the engine, so that although the condition of the vehicle or the car was issued a
thick smoke that will look clean like there is no smoke, although diesel fuel. Two things were the cause of efficiency (not wasteful of fuel-efficient), environmentally friendly, clean machine from crustal carbon and do not contaminate engine oil.  Process it can restore a good vehicle performance on a new car or a long, even for old cars will be felt once like new cars, both the efficiency and strength.

The following are examples of recognition from the users HHO Generator "Joko Energy" who have felt the benefits :

Testimonials :

1). Car : Chevrolet TRAX  1.5L 2017
This is HHO & EFIE Joko Energy is very powerful, the longer it is used, the more economical.
Usually going home to the office filled with full tank gasoline a week is up, now it's only finished half.
Enough to use Premium88 low quality gasoline. The cheapest price.

From: Mr. Putu Kusuma Edhi, Regency Melati Mas, Tangsel City.

Testimonials at WAG: Joko Energy Community5

2). Car: Mitsubishi Xpander 2018

Depart from home in Bekasi to Joko Energy Workshop:
Mileage = 40 Km
Average speed = 38 Km / h
Average (AVG) = 14.8 Km / L
After the HHO plug:
Home to reach the distance = 44 Km
Traffic conditions are almost the same, not smooth with an average speed = 38 Km / h
Average (AVG) = 16.9 Km / L
Not bad the new car can still be saved again around 2 km / L
And the pull is amazing as can be additional power
Since the car left the dealer, I immediately used the Pertamax turbo98 ...
After I finished using pertalite90, a few weeks later I immediately installed HHO ...
It feels like the engine power is increasing again compared to using the Pertamax turbo98.

From: Mr.Bayu, Bekasi City
Testimonials at WAG: Joko Energy Community5


3). Car : Toyota Camry 2400cc 2008
I want to report, Mr. Joko. Toyota Camry before the HHO is installed, the distance in the city = 7.3 Km / L.
After installing HHO + EFIE to be = 9.8 Km / L
For out of town use going back and forth to Klaten, average fuel consumption = 10.5 km / L.
From: Mr. Putut B.P.
Jl. Markendia, Banjar Pade, Mengwi, Badung, Bali.

Member WAG: Joko Energy Community5

4).  Car: Toyota Innova matic 2.0L 2010

Share a little experience with friends in this group
After installing HHO + EFIE, now the gasoline consumption is like the Toyota Avanza 1500cc
To travel from Tangerang to Cikarang in 1.5 hours, the distance is 59 Km, consumption of gasoline is only 4.2 Liters, next I will try to go home, hopefully it can reach 1L = 18 Km ... Aamiin.

From: Mr. Triswanto, Cikarang, Bekasi

Testimonials at WAG: Joko Energy Community


5). Car: Toyota Innova matic 2.0L 2005
2-year update on HHO usage
Before installing the HHO: In the city 1 Liter = 7-8 Km
After installing the HHO: In city 1 Liter = 9-13 Km,
Out of town 1 Liter = 14-15.5 Km.
Power increases but not much, does not feel running 130 km / hour
* AC is always ON, Passenger is full, Gasoline is Premium88
* The ECO OBD2 chip is not installed because it makes the power decrease so that it is more wasteful of gasoline, the power only increases after 3000 RPM.
* Install cheap battery stabilizer
* Cleaning MAF sensor + throttle body.
* AFR settings themselves by feeling, I spend a little so that the lower RPM is strong so there is no need to step on the gas pedal deeper.
* Standard machines as they are.
* Ampere HHO at around PWM = 6-7 Ampere

From: Mr. Hanif Kafabi, Bekasi City.

Testimonials at WAG: Joko Energy Community6

6). Car: Nissan Elgrand  2.5L 2011
Before: 1L = 6.4 km in the city
After the HHO pairs: 1L = 11-12 km in the city

From: Mr. Heru , Perumahan Pantai Mutiara, Pluit,  Jakarta


For details please visit to:  www.jokoenergy.com


0348-6482717 WHATSAPP MESSAGE/CALL..0312-2215312.

8). Car: Hyundai Trajet DOHC 2000cc 2004

Used for a week in the City of Jakarta from 30 December 2017 to 7 January 2018
With distance in the city = 525 Km
Spend gasoline = 37 liters
Fill in the same gas station on different dates and hours
The result is 525 Km: 37L = 14.1 liters / km
HHO ampere on PWM is set = 5.5 Ampere
Note: According to Trajet's mentors in the city, 1 liter = 7-8 km is born when the vehicle is still healthy, so Trajet users who have not been able to achieve such efficiency can contact me: +62812 812 23 979

From: Mr. Haryadi , Jonggol, Bogor, West Java.

Testimonials from WAG: Joko Energy Community6

9). Car: Nissan Serena HWS tahun 2007.
Want permission to share: before and after using EFIE without HHO.
Before installing EFIE fuel consumption 1: 6-7 (Shell Super).
But after EFIE pairs the effect is quite significant, fuel consumption becomes 1: 10-11 (Shell Super).
Alhamdulillah, I am satisfied with EFIE Joko Energy.

If there are Serena HWS users who give testimonials more efficient than what I experienced, please inform me about the settings: +62813 11005876

From: Mr. Indra, Cibubur, Bogor, West Java.

Testimonials from WAG: Joko Energy Community6


10). Car: Land Rover 2300 cc bensin 1971

Before: 1L = 5 Km
After installing the HHO it becomes: 1L = 9 Km

From: Mr. Ranto (Mbah SURO), Makassar, South Sulawesi.

11). Car: Honda Mobilio matic 1500cc 2016

Previously in the city = 9-10 km / l, out of town = 12km / l
After installing HHO + EFIE with PWM = 5A settings the result:
In the city = 12-13 km / l, outside the city around = 15-17 km / l.
Size of wheels 16/205/55.
Tire pressure is always maintained at around 34-35 psi.

From: Mr. Palopo, TransTV, Jakarta

Testimonials from WAG: Joko Energy Community5


12). Car: All New Pajero Sport Dakar 2017

For out of town from Jakarta to Bandung via the Cipularang Toll Road, AVG = 8.5-9.5L / 100 KM.
Last night coming home from Mr. Joko's workshop, AVG = 7.5L / 100KM, apparently there was a meaningful efficiency.
If from Bandung to Jakarta via Cipularang it is more economical because there are many roads going down and the traffic jams are not as heavy as the direction of Bandung.

From: Mr. Angga, Parahyangan Village, Jatihandap, Cicaheum, Bandung, West Java.
Testimonials from WAG: Joko Energy Community5


13) Car: Toyota All New Innova Diesel Reborn 2016

Before: 1L = 12.5 Km
After installing the HHO: 1L = 13.8 Km

From: Mr. Darmono, Purwokerto, Central Java.

Testimonials from WAG: Joko Energy Community6


14).Car: Toyota Camry 2400cc 2004

Previously in the city: 1L = 6.5 - 7 Km
After the HHO pair becomes: 1L = 8.4 Km
For outside the city there is no change

From: Mr. Darmono, Purwokerto, Central Java.

Testimonials from WAG: Joko Energy Community6


15) Car: Suzuki Ertiga GX 2014
After installing HHO and EFIE.
The oxygen sensor connected to the EFIE is an oxygen 1 sensor (before the catalitic converter)
Previous MIDs showed AVG = 13.6 km / L
After using HHO and walking 50 km.
PWM only uses = 6 Ampere
Swing the gas pedal more felt ... acceleration faster and smoother
and MID shows AVG = 18.4 km / L.

From: Mr. Feraldi
Komplek MNA Jalan Dewi Sartika, Cawang, East Jakarta.

16) Car: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar 2015
Oh yes Mr. Joko ... My Pajero Sport is now 14 Km / L. previously only 9 Km / L
Use PWM only = 6 Ampere
Thank you sir. joko .... this is used in the city, so the Pajero taste but the cost of Avanza.
Now I use out of town, average AVG shows a number = 43.4 km / L
Amazing ... a fantastic savings
From: Mr. Agus Jalan Sultan Hasanudin, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara.

17) Car: Toyota Alphard 3000 cc tahun 2006

Out of town test results after installation of HHO + 2EFIE generators in Jakarta are as follows:
Gasoline consumption:
Before: 1L = 7 km
After: 1L = 11 km
From: Mr. Hendrix Heriyandri, City of Surabaya.

18) Car: Toyota Fortuner 2700 cc gasoline
Using the HHO Generator and EFIE from Joko Energy Indonesia.
Savings: Before installing the HHO, the initial 1L: 6 Km, now 1L: 13 Km Extraordinarily can save more than 100%
From: Mr. Aidarus, Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.


19) Car: Chevrolet SPIN Aktiv
Initial testing on the Chevrolet Spin Aktiv that I just bought, using Premium88 gasoline for the first 1 month, the results are in my opinion wasteful:
In city 1: 6-8
Out of town 1: 10-14
I complained to the dealer and got the answer he said was economical.
Then the test again uses Pertamax92 gasoline, I feel not much different but acceleration is better, feels lighter.
Fuel consumption outside the city (I routinely from Bandung-Jakarta round trip) the result is a maximum of 1:14
After using HHO, I think the results are better:
In the city if traffic can smoothly 1:12
if traffic is stuck 1: 9-10
if traffic is very traffic jam 1: 8 and
Out of town 1: 16-18
From: Mr. Asep Budi, Jln. Caringin, Kupat Block, Babakan Ciparay, Bandung City, West Java.


20) Cars: Honda BRIO 1.2AT 2014
If this car is used out of town very economically, going home via toll from Jakarta-Bandung the road can rise to 1:25 km / l incidentally at Honda Brio there is a menu of fuel calculating and quite close.
Today in the city is usually 1:10 -11 km / l but now it can be 1:14 km / l
The muffler is wet, does not smell and does not hurt in the eyes.
From: Mr. Asep Budi, Jln. Caringin, Kupat Block, Babakan Ciparay, Bandung City, West Java.


21) I installed the HHO in the KIA Picanto 1100cc in 2008 from Mr. Joko, my review after installing the HHO, the trip from Jakarta to Bandung was 160 km, the road conditions continued to rise, after counting only 8 liters of gasoline. means its gasoline consumption is 1:20. the power increases as Pertamaxplus95, the engine vibration is smoother, the exhaust gas is clean does not hurt in the eyes and does not smell. this is really HHO from Joko Energy.
From: Mr. Ade Sulaeman, Jalan Pluto Selatan, Margasari, Buah batu, Bandung City, West Java.


22) I also want to give testimonials. After using it in the city for a few days, it reaches 290 km. Earlier the Mitsubishi Kuda Diesel filled the diesel full tank again. If it is calculated, it can be 1: 11,15. Usually 1: 8-9. Not bad for me. That is the condition of the car yet to service again, even though the workshop once told me to slip the valve to make it more stable. Understood the old car in 1999. Never been dismantled ... Thank you for Mr. Joko
From: Mr.Akhmad Rizqul Karim, SP, M.Sc. ,UNSOED Faculty of Agriculture Lecturer, Jln. Dr. Soeparno, Karangwangkal, Purwokerto, Central Java.


23) Car: Toyota Kijang EFI 1800cc in 2003, out of town traffic jams between the cities of Pekalongan and Tuntang only got 1:10 but full cargo of goods until the rear seats were folded.
Usually, if it is smooth, it can only be 1: 8.5 - 1: 9
From: Mr. Faishal, Jalan Jeruk Ngemplak, Gedangan, Grogol, Sukoharjo, Solo Baru, Central Java.


24) Of the 3 Generator units HHO + MAPE / MAFE that we bought from Joko Energy for 3 solar cars, namely: Toyota Innova 2.5D 2013, Double Cabin 2.2D Ford Ranger 2012, and Strada Triton GLS 2.5D Double Cabin 2014. We just installed 1 unit at the Toyota Innova and after 1 week an average savings of 40% is obtained.

From: PT. Mechanical Team Indominco Mandiri c.q PT. Indo Tambangraya Megah, Tbk (www.banpuindo.co.id) Jln. Poros Bontang, Samarinda KM.10, PO BOX. 178, East Kalimantan.


25) I have used HHO for 10 months in 1998 Toyota Kijang Capsule Carburetor .... the first effect that arises is that the power increases then fuel becomes economical 30-40% .... in the city before using Hho 1: 6, now it can reach 1 : 8
For out of town before using hho the previous 1: 9 gasoline consumption can now be up to 1:12.

I want to overhoul the engine because if it's fast speeding up the engine, now after the HHO plug the engine temperature is stable.

When I just used 3 months, I removed all the spark plugs, from the hole spark plugs, the cylinder was clean and the piston was also clean, shiny like new, even though the engine had never been unloaded, the spark plugs were always clean with red brick ... just keep using HHO Joko Energy because I've proven it.

From: Mr. Adi Prasetyo Kp. Sasak Jln. Gas pipeline, Limo, Depok, West Java.

26) It's called a car for hunting (Ford Ranger), the terrain is all off road ... often back and forth to fit the shooter's position ... and often stops but the engine stays alive ... A steady HHO ... power increases but fuel consumption is economical ...

More economical results ... usually 1: 5 now 1: 8

From: Mr. Agus Darmanto, Jalan Sultan Hasanudin, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara.


27) My diesel car is the Toyota Innova 2.5 AT 2013
Previously 1L = 9 Km
After installing HHO + MAF Enhancer now 1L = 12 Km.
From: Mr. Andy Syarifudin, Komplek Pertamina Plaju, Palembang, Sumatra.


28) Car: Daihatsu Terios 1.5MT 2011

Initial = 1L: 8.5 Km, after installing the Generator HHO + EFIE:

Power increases, especially on the Toll road, with a speed of 120 km / h feels light with full passengers.

In the city via the toll road during rush hour which is very traffic jam, hot afternoon and through the village road which is damaged, densely crawled, obtained 1L: 11Km.

Through full toll roads, from morning to afternoon, around the Toll Road: Jagorawi, Outer Ring, Tangerang, Airport, obtained 1L: 15Km.

From: Mr. Mangihot Hariandja, Jalan Sudiro, Cempaka Baru, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.


29) Car: Toyota Kijang Grand 1800cc in 1995 Carburetor
Previously in the city 1L = 9 Km and out of town 1L: 13 Km, after installing HHO Joko Energy in Cengkareng the power increased, the pull was steady, it was not sluggish and the engine sound was smoother, arrived at the Cijantung gas station near the house full of gasoline again 1L = 15.5 Km, and even then it has used AC nonstop and stuck in traffic in Semanggi Toll Road, it is always successful Mr. Joko, hopefully the results of his work will be widely used by people widely amen ... "
From: Mr. Hery Robert Setyowidiasmoro, S.Si.
Kopassus Cijantung Complex, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta.


30) Car: Daihatsu Terios 1500cc in 2012
Initially 1 liter = 8 Km (in city)
After installing EFIE (without HHO)

It varies from 1 liter = 10 Km to 12 Km (in town) "
From: Mr. Ir. A. Yanuar Budhi H.
Jl. Galang Island, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


31) Cars: Toyota Innova 2.0L 2005

Previously: 1 liter = 8 Km

After installing the HHO tool: 1 liter = 11 Km.

And after installing "Magic Ground" the savings will be: 1L = 13 Km Save> 50%

From: Mr. Raden Guruh Budi Soeharsono

Karawaci Park Residence, Cibodas, Tangerang, Banten.


32) Car: 1500cc Toyota Avanza Veloz in 2012
Previously 1L = 9 Km,

After installing the HHO device to 1L = 14 Km,

Save more than 50% and only use Premium88 gasoline but the power did not decrease, even more powerful.
From: Mr. Frans, Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya, South Jakarta.


33) Car: Toyota Innova 2.0L 2006
Routine cars are used to go to work every day, before every week the contents of the gasoline is Rp 150,000, - after installing the generator HHO now fill the gas Rp 200,000 - can be for 2 weeks
From: Mr. Agus Gousur Alam. PT. Telkom Infratel Division, Jalan Yos Sudarso, Cirebon, West Java.


34) Car: 1995 Jeep Chrysler Cherokee gasoline
Before: 1 liter = 4 Km
After installing the HHO generator: 1 liter = 8 Km
Save 100% + greater engine power.
And now after resetting the result: 1 liter = 9 Km.
From: Mr. Nugraha, Jalan Palapa, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.


35) Car: KIA Sedona 2400cc in 2003

After the HHO generator was installed in Cengkareng, I and my friend headed to East Bekasi, via the Toll Road. Just by stepping on the gas pedal just a little this car can run very fast like using NOS (N2O), it is truly amazing, I am very satisfied because now the power of this car becomes much bigger, but also fuel consumption is more efficient than before.

From: Mr. Cecep Ahmaydi.

Jalan Gading VII, Kelapa Gading Barat, North Jakarta.


36) Car: Daihatsu Xenia Sporty 1300cc in 2011.

I tested this car:

Before installing HHO equipment: 1 liter = 10 Km

After installing HHO + EFIE: 1 liter = 15 Km (in the city)

and 1 liter = 19.9 Km (out of town).

The exhaust gas is very environmentally friendly, comfortable and not painful in the eyes.

Conclusion: saving = 50 - 99%

From: Mr. Arif Setiawan, S.Kom,  Bumi Citra Lestari Complex.

Jln. Suka Danau Blok B. Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java.


37) Car: Suzuki APV 1500cc in 2008

Departing early in the morning from Gunung Putri, Bogor headed for Cengkareng to run out of gasoline Rp 150,000, - after installing the HHO Generator + EFIE going home late in the afternoon back to Bogor only spent Rp. 70,000 in gasoline - with greater engine power and exhaust gas on the exhaust. in the eyes.

From: Mr. Agung Sunyoto, Kp.Duku, Jalan Raya Jatimakmur, Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java.


38) Cars: Toyota Innova 2000cc in 2012 gasoline.

Usually I use work between office people from Tebet to Soekarno Hatta Airport after 60 thousand rupiahs, now after installing Joko Energy + EFIE HHO Generator, only with 20 thousand Premium88 gasoline content is enough, can save about 65% and more powerful engine power .

From: Mr. Eki Anwar Rafsanjani, Jln. Buni Nagara III, Cipedes, Tasik Malaya, West Java.


39) Car: The latest Toyota Innova Diesel in 2012

After installing the HHO Generator the result: More efficient than before 1 liter = 12 Km to 1 liter = 18 Km so saving 50% and because now only using Pertamina Solar normally, no need to use DEX or Shell again the price is almost double then saving total> 100%, exhaust gas is more comfortable and does not smell even though the car is run in the room, the engine sound is now smoother and feels more powerful.

From: Mr. Aryanto, ST, Pekalipan, Cirebon, West Java.


40) Cars: Toyota Innova Diesel 2500cc in 2008

It has been 2 times down the engine because it uses regular Pertamina solar, based on recommendations from friends I finally installed HHO devices, usually if the contents of a solar full tank from Tangerang take friends to pray at Puncak Bogor, until Tangerang the position of the BBM needle stays half of it is in the middle, now after installing the HHO Generator the engine power increases even for the rise and rise to the top it is very stable and the BBM pointer needle only shifts a little after returning to Tangerang.
Info: Do not use HHO amperes on PWM more than 5 Ampere.

From: Mr. Pdt. Rico Tandiono, Cileduk, Tangerang City.


41) Car: Hyundai Trajet in 2002, Matic 2000cc engine

Before 1L = 6 Km,

After installing the BBM saver to 1L = 9 Km,

So save 50% (in city)

From: Mr. Ir. Muhtadi, Gading Baru Villa Blok F1, Kebalen, Babelan, Bekasi, West Java.


42) Car: Toyota VIOS 1.5 GMT 2008

Previously 1L = 9Km,

Now after installing the HHO generator to 1L = 16 Km, saving 77%

From: Mr. Rasyid Andalus Setiawan, Jalan Kopi, Beji, Depok, West Java.


43) Car: Daihatsu Luxio 1500cc Matic in 2011

Previously 1 liter = 8 Km,

Now after EFI Enhancer has been installed to 1 liter = 10 Km (without HHO)

From: Mr. Abraham Noke, Jln. Jagakarsa, Jakarta.


44) Car: Mercedes Benz 300E, 3000cc gasoline

Previously 1 Liter = 4 Km now 1 Liter = 7 Km,

Saving 75% of energy added and clean exhaust gas.

From: Mr. Tonimaze Jln. Lengkong Gudang Timur No.8, Komplek Nusaloka BSD City, Tangerang, Banten. 


45) I am Maryadi (Driver): the 2002 Nissan Terrano Spirit car that I used, was originally 1 Liter of gasoline = 5 Km, now it becomes 1 L = 8 Km, saving 60% and more power.

Owner: Mr. Harso Mulyawan. Reksa Indah Blok DD Building Complex, Cileduk, Tangerang.


46) Car: Chevrolet Captiva VCDI 2.0 (Diesel) in 2011
Previously using Dex diesel or Shell diesel fuel consumption 1 L = 9 Km

Now enough to use ordinary Pertamina Solar 1 L = 11 Km saving 22% + difference in diesel prices to save 100% more, with more power and exhaust gas cleaner, odorless and not smoky.

From: Mr. Ir. Suhartono, MT
Attorney General's Office in Kayu Ringin, West Bekasi, West Java.

47) Car: Toyota Rush G 1500 cc in 2010
Fuel consumption after installation of HHO system + EFIE Enhancer:
   a. In the city:
      1 lt premium (without AC) from = 10 km to = 15 km
      1 lt premium (with AC) from = 8 km to = 13 km
   b. Out of town:
      1 lt premium (without AC) = 13 km to = 19.3 km
      1 lt premium (with AC) = 10 km to = 18 km
From: Mr. Mahmuddin Noor, NST
Perumnas MANDALA Medan, North Sumatra.

48) Car: Suzuki Vitara in 1992
I was surprised when I left the city, usually 1 liter of gasoline = 13 km,

Now it could be 1 liter = 20 km after the Joko Energy electrolyzer was installed, Saving> 50% with a very powerful engine power and light gas pull.

From: Mr. Slamet Waluyo, Kampung Rambutan, East Jakarta.

49) Car: Daihatsu Zebra 1300 cc in 1990

Before overhauling 1 liter = 11 Km, but after getting off the engine (overseas operator 50) the gasoline was wasteful 1 L = 9 km and the engine temperature was so high that the car seat was hot, after the HHO was installed, the engine temperature cooled down and gasoline being economical 1 liter = 14.7 km saves about 60%.

From: Mrs. Fietha Haryanti, TPI Housing Complex, Tangerang.

50) Car: Toyota 1800cc Capsule Kijang in 1997

Previously, the consumption of gasoline had been wasteful of 1 liter only = 8 km, after installing Joko Energy's water fuel device to 1 liter = 12 km,

Saving 50% more than before and the engine power was now bigger and the exhaust gas in the exhaust being clean not black.

From: Mr. Sigit Janu Prasetyo, Cileduk Police Dormitory Complex, Tangerang.

51) The barge that I use is a Toyota Elephant engine that has diesel fuel used to pull coal loads, within a few miles (unmeasured), usually taken in 4.5 hours now, only 3.5 hours because the engine power is now greater.

From: Mr. Masriani, Komplek Perdana Abadi, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

52) JokoEnergy’s HHO Generator Model: I installed JE850CT Voltage 24 Volt DC on Cummins Brand Generator (Genset) with a capacity of 66 KVA, the efficiency of 0.7 liters of diesel per hour and after a week there is an efficiency of 20 liters.

From: Mr. Yosua, Perum Graha Family Surabaya, East Java.

53) Public transport: Route of Poncowati - Banjar Jaya Department

Use the Car: Mitsubishi T120SS

Previously 1 liter = 12 Km

Now 1 liter = 17.5 Km.

Save 45% with more power

From: Mr. Jatmiko, Perum Griya Madu Permai, Kec. Terbanggi Besar, Lampung Tengah, Lampung Province.

54) Car: Toyota Hardtop 4200cc gasoline.

I usually use it to hunt wild boar in the Serang Banten area, even though after using HHO it is only about 20% efficient, but I tried it on the highways before the maximum speed is only up to 90 km / h, now it can reach 130 km / hour.

From: Mr. Norman Bun, Tangerang, Banten.


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